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Based in Chichester, members of the Sadler family made a number of films in the area dating from the early 1930s up to the 1960s, with a strong collection made during the Second World War.

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TitleSadler Family
Dates1930s - 1960s
ProductionFred Sadler (Father): Robert Sadler (Uncle)
MaterialsFilm 16mm Documentation
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The Sadler family were based in Chichester where they ran a business manufacturing and selling agricultural products such as animal feed. Fred Sadler, along with other family members, made a number of home movies, filmed in and around the Chichester area from the early 1930s up to the 1960s. Early films show scenes of the family in their large garden in Chichester, where quantities of Roman pottery appear to be being excavated. Family activities around Chichester and foreign trips to Europe and to Australia to visit relatives are recorded. Local events such as parades, agricultural shows and the Sadler family business have also been captured on film. Fred Sadler's son David is pictured in one film as a toddler, learning to walk and trying on his father's shoes. David Sadler went on to film his own daughter as a toddler doing the same, in colour, in the mid 1960s.

Many of the films in the collection were made during wartime and illustrate some of the changes that the arrival of war had on the family. For example, the family's home life sees the effects of wartime when they are filmed building an Anderson shelter in the garden. There are also scenes of bomb damage in Chichester, and members of the family are also seen wearing military uniforms. An Australian cousin, Tony Gaze, poses for the camera in his RAF uniform, feeding their rabbit named 'Spitfire'. Gaze went on to become a flying 'ace' during the war and later a Grand Prix racing driver. A short film made by him of his hometown of Melbourne in the 1950s is included in the collection. The film-maker's brother, 'Jack Martin' is also filmed in uniform on several occasions, including one where he is seen receiving a medal at Buckingham Palace

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