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Jim and Robina Greenyer made over eighty films during the 1960s and early 1970s, capturing their family life, items of local interest and making short fiction films with membership of the Albany Cine Club.

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TitleGreenyer Family
Dates1920s - 1970s
ProductionJim Greenyer Albany Cine Club
MaterialsFILM Standard 8mm Super 8mm 16mm Audio
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Screen Archive South East houses over ninety films made by the Greenyer family, which were predominantly made during the 1960s and early 1970s. They offer a unique record of one family's moving image heritage, illustrating an interest in the popular contemporary hobby of cine film-making.
The content of the majority of the films is typical of that found in home movies, namely family celebrations and holidays, and community-driven activities. Indeed, the films in the Greenyer collection illustrate many recurring themes - annual scenes such as the family Christmas celebrations have been repeatedly filmed, providing images of the rituals of the day and idiosyncrasies peculiar to the family.
Jim and Robina Greenyer were however slightly different from the typical amateur home movie film-makers, in that they both had a sustained interest in the medium. Jim Greenyer took cine lessons and gave film shows at youth clubs. Jim Greenyer also worked at a photographic shop in Hove. Robina Greenyer was a member of the Albany Film Unit. The couple's connection with the Albany Film Unit led to members of their immediate family performing in front of the camera in a number of fictional productions, such as The Vision (ca. 1973).

Screen Archive South East 's collection of films made by Jim Greenyer also include films of local interest such as [Film Classes at Sellaby House Adult Education Centre] (ca. 1970) and BBC Radio Brighton (1966 - 1968?).

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Showing 1 to 15 of 41 results.