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Established in 1949, the Haywards Heath Cine Society filmed local scenes and events along with fiction films, documentaries, club activities and special events. The collections also include films made or collected by individual members before the society was formed. The society is still actively filming scenes and events in Haywards Heath and surrounding areas.

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TitleHaywards Heath Cine Society pt1
Dates1920 - 2016
ProductionHaywards Heath Cine & Video Society (P. Tester, E.V. Brown, A. Early, P. Thomas, G. Brown)
MaterialsFILM 9.5mm Standard 8mm Super 8mm
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Haywards Heath Cine Society collection, held by Screen Archive South East, comprises material dating from the 1920s to the present day. The collection includes a varied mix of fiction and non-fiction films recorded on a variety of amateur film gauges and video tape formats. Genres include early silent black and white narratives, through to colour comedy, documentary and animated children's material.

The films in the collection which pre-date the establishment of the Society were made or collected by society members including Sid Horton. One example, is the film Fire Brigade, dating from 1937-1939 which shows the work of the fire brigade in Surrey and West Sussex. Sid Horton went on to become a founder member of the Society.

The first public show of the Haywards Heath District Amateur Cine Society was held by the society in December 1949 with the first official group club film made in 1952 entitled 'TV Thief'.

Many of the Society's films depict town and village activities in Mid and West Sussex and observe the changing rural landscape of the area. The Society has also regularly produced newsreels documenting the activities of the group, its individual members, and events in the region. The colour film Horley Coronation Fete (30 May 1953), for example, was filmed by founder member and one-time Society chairman D.J.Church, and recorded a village fete held to celebrate the 1953 Coronation. The film Mid Sussex Newsreel 2003 was made by multiple members of the Society who used video cameras to record events around the town of Haywards Heath and beyond, including a Holocaust Remembrance service, a Spring Festival in Haywards Heath and the fire service attending a fire at The Crown Inn in Horsted Keynes.

The Hayward Heath MovieMakers (as they are now known) are one of the foremost amateur film and video societies in the South of England. They are still producing material in a variety of formats, by an active film-making membership, winning awards on both a national and international level. The society also remains affiliated to the Institute of Amateur Cinematographers.

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