Collection Corder Family


A collection of over 40 films by Kodak employee Geoffrey Corder and his wife. Films feature family activities, events and holidays, some filmed using experimental Kodak film stock.

Collection ID1162Reference codeWS 100221
TitleCorder Family
Dates1930 - 1960
ProductionGeoffrey Corder
MaterialsFILM 16mm
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This collection of family films document Mr and Mrs Corder's honeymoon, their children, family holidays, outings and family pets.

The films, made by Geoffrey Corder, were produced during his time as Superintendent of the Field Service Department at Kodak, at the company plant in Harrow, Middlesex during the 1930s. As part of his involvement with the engineering teams at Kodak, Geoffrey Corder tested many different Kodak film stocks and processes. Two of these experimental film stocks feature in this collection - a new pre-marketed type of Kodachrome film (possibly developed into Ektachrome) and a black and white Super-X Panchromatic Reversal stock which was not on general release to the public.

The sample Kodachrome films featured in the collection have aged and now show a cyan cast and a fine yellow artefact detail. The Super-X Panchromatic Reversal stock shows a coarse grain, with a high gamma/contrast black and white image.

Geoffrey Corder's film frequently featured his family, led by his children and their friends, as actors moving through the shot or standing and posing for the camera, possibly as a test of the film stock.

Films in this collection:

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Showing 31 to 45 of 46 results.