The Royal Sussex Regiment – DVD

[Passing-out Parade at the Regimental Depot of the Gaza Intake] (1960)Specially commissioned to commemorate the 300th anniversary of the County Regiment, this DVD compilation, produced in partnership with the West Sussex Record Office, draws on archive material in the Screen Archive South East collection, and from the Imperial War Museum. Edited footage includes the scenes from the First World War, with the Territorials preparing for the Front; footage from between the wars, with royalty at Chichester Barracks and the Regiment in India; scenes from the Second World War include clips filmed at Dunkirk and the Western Desert. Post-war footage shows extracts featuring National Service and Quebec Day at Chichester and passing-out parades at the Roussillon Barracks, along with present-day footage of the Regimental Museum at Goodwood and the Field of Remembrance.

The DVD is available for purchase from the West Sussex Record Office.