Activities – What we do

Screen Archive South East is committed to developing its collection and sharing it. It does this by undertaking a set of core activities:

acquisition, administration, rights management, documentation & cataloguing, storage, preservation, digitisation, the creation of access copies, production of packages for scholarly and public use, commercial sales & services, education & research (includes support for teaching & learning and postgraduate research projects at the University of Brighton), development & management of online resources, delivery of public events (such as screenings and installations)

Broadstairs... Of Course! (1965)

SASE provides public access to the collection for educational, heritage, creative and community use. This applies particularly to students, teachers, academic researchers and curators with an interest in the archive’s collection. The archive also encourages artists to use the archive in the creation of new work. SASE supports:

  • academic projects on various aspects of the South East and film / screen culture
  • community and family historians
  • artists, film-makers and musicians in the creation and exhibition of new work
  • museum and gallery curators in the selection of content for new permanent displays and temporary exhibitions
  • festival curators in the development of new events for art & film festivals

SASE also contributes content to free public film online sites such as the BFI’s Player and EUScreen.

When rights allow, it also licenses material for broadcast and commercial uses. SASE makes charges for some activities and this includes commercial use.

Alongside its heritage work, its main annual public activity is CINECITY – the Brighton Film Festival. It is devoted to exploring contemporary and historical film culture and it is supported by the Arts Council England, the British Film InstituteBrighton & Hove City Council, Picturehouse Cinemas and the University of Brighton.

SASE’s production service underpins a great deal of the archive’s outward-facing activities. It produces BluRays and DCPs for public, partner and commercial use and often such programmes are titled, edited and accompanied by soundtracks. We also supply files of films for use within external productions and projects. Our production work is undertaken at our facility within the West Sussex Record Office.


Screen Archive South East is committed to embedding Diversity into all of its activities. It informs the resources we create and influences all of our public activities. We subscribe to the University of Brighton’s Equality and Diversity Policy and the BFI’s Diversity Standards.