About Screen Archive South East

Screen Archive South East (SASE) is a public sector moving image archive serving the South East of England. SASE is part of the School of Media at the University of Brighton. Its function is to collect, preserve, research and provide access to screen material related to this region and of general relevance to the study of screen history. Our screen collection consists of magic lantern slides, film, videotape, digital files and associated hardware and documentation. It includes material made by individuals, families, cine-clubs, public services, communities, and companies. These records capture many varied aspects of life, work and creativity, from the 19th to the 21st centuries and serve as a rich and invaluable historical resource.

Find out what we do and what we collect – follow the links on the right to find out more about the work of the archive. You can search the archive catalogue or browse by theme; you can find out about key collections within the archive and watch over 1500 films online. You can also find out about other ways to access the collection or how you could contribute your own collection of moving images from the South East of England.

Cine cameras at Screen Archive South East