Title ID 98Collection ID343
Title[Patcham House Special School: International Spastics Games in Southern France]
CollectionPatcham House Special School
ThemePublic Services
KeywordsBeaches Boats Ceremonies Children Disabled Persons Ferries Holidays Sport Youth
LocalMarvejol St. Mary's
RegionalIsles of Scilly
NationalEurope France England United Kingdom
ProductionPatcham House Special School
CameraNorman Clark
FormatColour Silent
Duration13min. 15sec.
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The headmaster of Patcham House Special School in East Sussex films two of his pupils as they compete at the 'International Spastics Games' in Southern France, one of whom is seen being awarded a silver medal. The film also includes brief scenes from a school holiday to the Isles of Scilly.


The film opens with shots of people standing on the deck of a ferry making a sea crossing to France; a woman is seen briefly standing in front of the camera. Two runners and a cyclist are seen lining up on a running track; the track is on a hillside and the camera pans around capturing the view of the valley beyond. A large group of athletes are filmed assembled next the running track, the different groups hold national flags and a sign denoting the country they represent. Some athletes are standing, others are sitting in wheelchairs. The camera zooms in on the Great Britain team who are wearing green jumpers. Spectators are sitting in the stand watching. Two of the Great Britain team members parade a flag - "I.C.P.S." which is then raised up a flag pole. The Great Britain team lead a procession on the running track, followed by the other teams; before posing as a group. Shots of the stadium complex and the games underway, including shot put, cycling and weightlifting. Five girls from the Great Britain team are seen on a podium being presented with medals.

The second part of the film briefly features a Patcham House holiday to the Isles of Scilly; some of the group are seen playing on a beach, the film ends as some of them are seen boarding a small boat.