Title ID 9253Collection ID1262
Title[Father Neptune; Beach Snapshots part 3]
Date1950 - 1952
CollectionRoger Dunford
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurNon-fictionActuality/Factual
ThemeSeaside Fashion Case Study Brighton
KeywordsBeaches Clothing Leisure Time Activities Men Piers [Palace Pier, Brighton] Racing Seaside Resorts Swimming Women
RegionalBrighton and Hove
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionRoger B. Dunford
CameraRoger B. Dunford; Pam Sinnott
FormatMixed Colour and Black & White Silent
Duration15min. 32sec.
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A compilation of films made by Brighton Swimming Club member Roger Dunford, featuring swimming club members, activities and related scenes on Brighton beach from the early 1950s.


[1:00:11'00] The film opens with shots of Roger Dunford (RD) swimming at Black Rock pool

[1:00:38'06] Brighton Swimming Club (BSC) members can be seen running into the water from the beach

[1:00:55'15] Shots of Jean Caplin sitting on the beach (she swam in the 1948 Olympics)

[1:01:20'02] Beryl (RDs fiancee), wearing a two-piece swimsuit sits on the beach writing in a notebook

[1:01:44'07] Bert Coleborne looks out from a window in the side of BSC clubhouse; he smiles at the camera.

[1:01:55'09] Terry Sinnott can be seen sitting on the beach towards the back of small group; Maureen Tarbutt, Mike Coleborne and Alan Bray are all siting in front. Ernie Tyrol sits in the middle of another group of people on a wooden bench outside the old arch.

[1:02:42'04] All sitting on the same bench (l-r from back row) are Maureen Tarbutt, Julian Tasker, Beryl (RD's fiancee), Brian Grout, Johnny Partington, Keith Dartch, Jean Caplin and Bill Tuppin. A group of swimmers are seen running into the sea and others are seen sunbathing on the beach; a couple lace a leather water polo ball.

[1:04:13'17] BSC members are seen carrying a rowing boat into the sea. A woman (Nell) pours out tea from a teapot.

[1:04:53'17] Shots of a 'crossing the line' celebration performed by BSC. A skull and crossbones flag is raised on a flagpole; members of the BSC are seen in fancy dress, taking part in the celebration. A number of the group take a rowing boat out and others are dunked under the water.

[1:06:09'06] Hawaiian themed event on the beach; Pam Sinnott films the occasion; members of BSC dressed in fancy dress

[1:07:26'13] 'Father Neptune' is carried into the sea and dunked under the water. Terry Sinnott stands in a rowing boat, dressed as a missionary.

[1:08:36'02] Large numbers of people are seen in the sea, attempting to capsize a rowing boat. Shots of people relaxing on a boat; the Metropole hotel can be seen in the background.

[1:09:15'22] Swimmers in large waves next to a groyne; people frolicking on the beach.

[1:11:25'11] Mike Colborne and Peter Holland are seen taking part in another bank holiday celebration; members of the BSC in fancy dress and large crowds are gathered to watch. Various people are dunked in the sea; the Palace Pier can be seen in the background.

[1:15:01'12] The film ends with shots of motor racing at Goodwood.