Title ID 9109Collection ID1112
TitleSunnymede 1947-49
CollectionGiles Family
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurFamily Home MovieNon-fictionFamily Life
ThemeFamily Life Seaside
KeywordsAircraft Animals Cars Christmas Domestic Gardens Education Family Houses Motor Vehicles Schools Seaside Resorts Sport Transport Racing
LocalChobham Gotherington Dorking Woking West End Littlehampton East Wittering
RegionalGloucestershire Surrey West Sussex
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionGiles Family
CameraEric Giles
ParticipantsCol G.M. Giles
FormatMixed Colour and Black & White Silent
Duration17 min. 18 sec.
Copyright & AccessCopyright restrictions apply, contact Screen Archive South East for details


This edited colour and black and white film shows the Giles' family in Surrey and on outings to West Sussex during the late 1940s. The film also includes races at Goodwood; the Olympic torch passing through Surrey; and the unveiling of a memorial gate at Prescott House (Bugatti Owners Club) designed by a member of the Giles family.


'Elgy presents Sunnymede 1947'

'A Rather Rank Production'. The black and white animated titles are followed by scenes of a teenage boy and a woman feeding ducks and geese next to a pond and a young boy playing with a boat .

'Blossom Time'

Scenes show the family garden in full bloom and shots of a lady sat in a boat on a lake, with two boys swimming in the lake and fishing on the bank. The children are next seen playing on a water slide and swimming in an outdoor swimming pool (Dorking, Surrey). The film then returns to the family sat on a bench in a garden at home.

The next sequence shows colour panorama shots of the racecourse at Goodwood. Cars and passenger vehicles are parked in a field. Spectators line the course as horses pass the winners circle in an adjacent paddock and main buildings. There are shots of the family enjoying a day out on the beach at Littlehampton and 'Butlin's Park' Roller coaster in the background follow. The boys swim in the sea and sit on the beach in towels.


The next section shows geese in a field followed by the title 'Flying' and shots of geese and a small yellow and red model air craft being flown overhead. The plane crash-lands in the field. Interior shots of a house at Christmas time are followed by shots of family in fancy dress sat in a living room. (Dark hard to make out action).

'Sunnymede 1948'

The next sequence shows snowy scenes of the garden and children sledding down a hill with the family dressed in winter clothes. This is followed by further panoramas of the house and garden under snow.

'Allen House v Woodcote House'

Scenes of a boys rugby match show mid-game activity of the two teams. Allen House players are dressed in a stripped jersey and Woodcote House team are dressed in a mustard jersey.


A school crest is Followed by shots of a St Edward's School Oxford quad courtyard and the boys dressed in uniform. The school chapel and other academic buildings are shown, as the camera pans around the courtyard. Boys and teachers walk between the buildings. Portrait shots of the family follow, including the family punting on a river, the boys playing with a model plane on a rope in a field dressed in school uniform and a man sitting astride a blue OK-Supreme motorbike (Reg: YY7202).

'The Olympic Flame'

The Olympic torch relay for the 1948 Summer Olympic Games passes through a semi-rural street in Surrey [this is likely to be on the Bagshot Road (A322) at the crossroads near West End] . A torch hand-over is seen briefly, as the crowds jostle to take photographs.

'Minnie The Minx'

Shots of two cars follow. The first a brown Hillman Minx, followed by a blue Vauxhall. The next sequence shows the children and family on the beach at West Wittering and the family fishing from the shoreline. A close up of a tiger moth model plane is seen from different angles whilst stationary on the grass. It is followed by a shot of a rainbow arcing over the garden.

'Sunnymede 1949'

The next shots consist of colour faded shots of a family having a picnic in the garden of the family house in Chobham, sat at a table in front of the house.


Col G.M. Giles (father of the film-maker) is filmed unveiling a memorial gate at Prescott House, Gotherington near Cheltenham; home of the Bugatti Owners club. The gate was designed by Mr E. Giles. Further shots of the yellow tiger moth model plane sat on the grass finish the sequence.

'Cyril the Squirrel'

A young boy is seen sat in the garden feeding a baby grey squirrel on his lap from a feeding bottle, followed by shots of a man and a woman playing with the squirrel and it climbing on their shoulders.

'Christmas Celebrations'

A final black and white sequence shows the family making a Christmas toast around a a table in a dining room. The family wear paper hats and hold small glasses of drink for the toast.


Sunnymede 1947-49