Title ID 8082Collection ID1088
Title[At home, East Grinstead]
Date[ca. 1975 - 1983]
CollectionWilliams Family
Genre/TypeAmateurFamily Home MovieIndependent AmateurNon-fictionFamily Life
ThemeFamily life
KeywordsAircraft Airports Beaches Clothing Domestic Gardens Family Food Gardening Houses
LocalEast Grinstead Fordham Gatwick Mickleham
RegionalSurrey West Sussex
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionPeter Williams
CameraPeter Williams; Mary Williams[?]
ParticipantsPeter Williams (father)
FormatColour Silent
Duration11 min. 12 sec.
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A compilation spanning 8 years of scenes of family and home life in East Grinstead. The Williams family are seen in their back garden and with friends and family.


1975[?] - The film opens with a shot of a road sign for 'Fairlawn Crescent' in East Grinstead, where the Williams family live. There is a view of the houses along the crescent and an exterior shot of the house. Jill and Ruth Williams are seen leaving the house and walking down the drive way to school.

1977 - The family have moved to Pine Way Close, East Grinstead. Mr Williams is seen at the front of the property loading rolled turf into a wheelbarrow and taking it round the side of the house. The film cuts to scenes of the back garden, where Mr Williams is laying the turf. Later that year, there are several more shots of the back garden, with the lawn now nicely established and flower beds planted up. Mr Williams is trimming the edges of the lawn with a turf-cutter. We also see his daughter Ruth mowing the lawn.

The Williams' eldest daughter Jill is seen with her grandmother, Grace Dickins. Mrs Dickins is in a wheelchair, and Jill pulls the chair through some long grass to watch the Fordham Cup Challenge at Hedgecourt Lake, Felbridge. Jill is wearing a hat [Girl Guides?].

1978 - the family are at home in Pine Way Close. Jill and Ruth are sunbathing in bikinis on the patio. Ruth has a stills camera and takes a photo of the camera operator [Mrs Williams?]. Mr Williams wears swimming shorts, and is painting the outside frame of the patio doors.

The Williams family have a picnic with their friends, the Tomkies family at Mickleham Priory. There are shots of the group eating on a picnic rug, and waving at the camera. There are close-up shots of members of the group and the Tomkies children playing. There are shots of a group practicing archery nearby, with the camera focusing on the archers, and then the targets.

1979 - Stages of a tree felling is filmed from the Williams' back garden at Pine Way Close. We see a tree surgeon suspended by ropes midway up a tall pine tree. He uses a chain saw to remove branches, which fall a considerable distance to the ground. He is seen using the branch stubs to climb higher into the tree. There is a shot of a pile of felled branches on the ground and another man who is assisting the tree surgeon. Near the top of the tree, we see the top 3-4 meters of the tree being cut and falling away. The trunk is then cut down in sections, the final piece falling in the Williams' garden. There is a shot of a piece of empty blue sky where the tree once stood.

Once again in the back garden, Mr and Mrs Pearse (family friends from Melbourne, Australia) are seen with Mr Williams and Jill. Both Jill and Mr Pearse hold stills cameras. The couple are then seen leaving the house by the front door, and climbing into the Williams' red car. The film cuts to Gatwick airport. There is a dark interior shot, and several shots of aeroplanes on the runway.

1983 - On a sunny but windy day, Jill and her grandmother Grace Dickens are sat on a pebble beach. Jill lifts Mrs Dickens from a canvas chair into her wheelchair. We see Jill pushing the wheelchair, and there is a close up of Jill smiling and talking.