Title ID 8012Collection ID1068
Title[Family Album V: Lido; Birthday Party; Fireworks; Boxing Day; Etc]
CollectionLambert Family
Genre/TypeAmateurFamily Home MovieIndependent AmateurNon-fictionFamily Life
ThemeFamily life
KeywordsChildren Domestic Gardens Old Age Family Food Play Performing Arts Houses
LocalGuildford Ludshott
RegionalSurrey Hampshire
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionMr. Lambert
FormatColour Silent
Duration26 min. 47 sec.
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The Lambert family at home, during a visit to a friend and performing for the camera in the early 1960s.


The Lambert children play in a wood. They run up and down a grassy bank and climb up trees. The the children's elderly grandfather talks to the children who sit in his bed in the sick room with him. Footage shot from the window of a moving car follows. The milk float pulls into a drive and moves backwards (reverse action). Mrs. Lambert walks with a pram and two of the girls. Further shots of Hammer lane in autumn follow. Two women sit in the window. Grandfather tends to plants at a window. A countryside walk. A drive near Graysholt.

The Lambert children play with boxes and toys in the garden. A fancy dress parade follows. One of the boys kisses a girl in a tartan skirt. An older girl mows the lawn. Four of the children sit on a horse, held by a woman wearing jodhpurs. Mrs. Lambert wears a smart brown dress and gloves. She smells the flowers in the garden by the Anderson shelter. Further shots of roads and lanes near the house follow.

Grandfather and woman talk in a garden amongst the flower beds and into the greenhouse. Inside is a bird in a cage and exotic plants. The woman prepares tea and cake. One of the older Lambert girls poses for the camera in a ball gown. The children water the garden and play in the garden. The younger children run into the water spraying from the hose. They act out a marriage. Interior shots of the family's possessions follow.

One of the girls dances with a scarf in the garden, posing with the flowers. Visitors arrive with a baby. The children dance in the garden with flowers. She shadow of Mr. Lambert is seen on the grass. The children pose in their school uniform for the camera. One of the younger girls blows bubbles in the garden and the others chase them. Adults and friends join them. Mrs. Lambert blows bubbles and her daughter runs around the garden after them. Her grandfather blows bubbles in the sitting room.