Title ID 7838Collection ID1036
Title[Scandanavia: Stockholm; Copenhagen]
Date[ca. 1968]
KeywordsBoats Bridges Buildings Holidays Lakes Passenger Vehicles Rivers Tourism Transport Travel
NationalScandinavia Norway Sweden Europe
ProductionHorace Sheppard
CameraHorace Sheppard
ParticipantsDorothy Sheppard (wife of Horace Sheppard)
FormatColour Silent
Duration15 min. 39 sec.
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This film contains scenes of Mr and Mrs Sheppard's holiday in Scandinavia, where they visited Denmark, Sweden and Norway.


The opening part of the film is taken on board a boat and shows fellow passengers and the shoreline. There are shots of the boat pulling in along a jetty and of moored cruise ships, including one called the 'Princess Astrid'. There follow several shots of lions in a park. The animals are seen walking among visitors cars and climbing upon a Land Rover.

The film cuts back to more views seen from a boat, a Danish flag flying from the rear of the boat. There are scenes of a port and busses driving out of the front of a large cruise liner named 'Kong Frederik IX'. We see the view from the windscreen of a moving bus down a long bridge. There follow shots of various sights including a harbour and boats, statues and the view from a coach of street scenes and horse and carts.

Tourists are seen at a hill top building, which is flying amongst others the Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and Finnish flags. We then see a road sign for Stockholm indicating that we have crossed into Sweden from Denmark. There are shots of a large landscaped gardens, and tourists by a river. The camera focuses on the architecture and statues lining the river banks. There are further shots taken from on board a boat, including the boat passing beneath a large bridge. Horace Sheppard's wife Dorothy is seen disembarking from the boat.

The film cuts to a road sign for Stockholm in one direction, and Oslo in another, marking the Swedish/Norwegian border. We see both Horace and Dorothy standing by the sign in turn, and a brief shot of a customs sign. Further shots include scenes of lakes and water taken from a moving vehicle, as well as statues and fountains. We see several shots of the Vigeland Museet in Oslo, a museum housing the work of artist Gustav Vigeland, a prominent Norwegian sculptor. There are also shots of a cable car traveling up a steep wooded hill, and several more views taken from on board a boat. These include shots of some heavy industry as well as other boats. We see a brief street scene with a tram coming into view, buildings and churches. There are shots of a large barge on a river. The final shots of the film show Dorothy Sheppard with friends in a car park, and through the window of a van.