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Title[Colin and Liz Wedding No. 1]
KeywordsCeremonies Family Religious Buildings Weddings
NationalEngland United Kingdom
EditorMr. Horace Sheppard
ParticipantsDorothy Sheppard (Mother of the Groom) Horace Sheppard (Father of the Groom) Colin Sheppard (eldest son of Horace Sheppard) Liz Deeming (Colin’s first wife) Brian Sheppard (younger son of Horace Sheppard) June Bellingham (fiance of Brian Sheppard)
FormatColour Silent
Duration5 min. 53 sec.
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This film was made to record the wedding of Horace Sheppard's eldest son Colin to Liz Deeming. The film shows the couple leaving the church and posing for photographs, as well as guests at the wedding. The film appears not to have been shot by Mr Sheppard as he is visible in the film.


The opening shots show the exterior of the church, and guests outside. The clock on the church shows the time to be 3.25pm.

We then cut to a new location, a large garden. The bride and groom are greeted by guests under a long awning. The bridesmaids are seen wearing vibrant blue dresses and holding posies. The bride and groom are seen again, posing for photographs, and there are several shots of guests taking pictures. The couple are joined by their parents and the bridesmaids, followed by other family members and guests. The camera pans across these groups. There is a breif interior shot of the couple cutting the cake, before we return outside to a gravel driveway. The bride has changed into a blue coat and matching blue hat. The guests throw confetti as they climb in to a car and drive away. The final shots of the film focus on guests walking around the garden and waving goodbye as they leave. A last shot shows a long line of cars parked down a lane.