Title ID 7828Collection ID1036
Title[Tunbridge Wells; Holiday to Cornwall (?)]
Date[ca. 1959]
Genre/TypeAmateurFamily Home MovieNon-fiction
KeywordsAnimals Beaches Boats Cars Children Clothing Domestic Gardens Family Holidays Houses Leisure Time Activities Roads
LocalTunbridge Wells
RegionalKent Cornwall
NationalEngland United Kingdom
FormatColour Silent
Duration20 min. 57 sec.
Copyright & AccessCopyright restrictions apply, contact Screen Archive South East for details


A family film containing scenes of a domestic garden; a visit to Tunbridge Wells; a large country house and a holiday to Cornwall(?).


The film opens with scenes of a domestic house and garden. A man and two women play with a white poodle, picking it up to pose for the camera. We then see one of the women on the street with the dog, before returning to the garden.

The women go for a drive in a dark green car. There is a uniformed driver in dark trousers, jacket and a cap. The following shot shows the car parked in Tunbridge Wells, where the women leave the car and walk with the dog around the Pantiles. The camera focuses on the houses and shops in this part of the town. There are also views of The Common and the town behind it.

The next part of the film begins with shots of horses in a field. A young girl climbs on a gate and strokes the animals. There are views of a large stable area and a horse-box. The girl stands in front of the camera wearing jodhpurs. There follow shots of a country house with large gardens. A young boy joins the girl in front of the camera in the garden, and a man wearing a waistcoat, tweed jacket and riding boots strolls into view. He is seen talking to the camera and looking at flower beds, before he walks away hand in hand with the children and enters the house. There are several panning shots of the garden in spring, with daffodils in bloom and hedges shaped by topiary. A man working in the garden can be seen briefly. A group of three women and a man gather on the lawn, and walk around looking at flower beds. Further shots of the house and surrounding fields and land follow.

The white poodle is seen again on a smaller lawn. A woman plays with the dog and a ball, and holds him up for the camera.

A young man walks down a driveway with an older lady, wearing a bright magenta coat. They walk and stand by a silver car in the street. The woman takes off her coat and then puts it back on again. A visitor come to the house - a man walks up the drive to the camera and talks gesturing to the flower beds. He waves at the camera as he leaves, and is also seen waving from his car as he drives away. There are shots from the driveway looking down the street.

The final part of the film contains scenes of a holiday [to Cornwall?]. A man and dog are seen stood by a white car, looking down to the sea and a beach. There are a series of views taken of the coastline from cliff tops. The car is seen again parked by a garden, where a couple and two children are having a picnic on the lawn. The garden has views down to the sea. There are shots of a coastal road, and houses on a hill seen from a beach. At a small town, there are further shots of a bay with wooden row boats on the beach and a pile of empty lobster pots. Another coastal town with a small marina is also seen in the film. There are views of the town and the family taken from above, as well as street scenes and buildings. The last shots of the film return to the family's holiday cottage where the young children play on a rug on the lawn.


A Still from [Tunbridge Wells; Holiday to Cornwall [?]] (ca.1959)A Still from [Tunbridge Wells; Holiday to Cornwall [?]] (ca.1959)