Title ID 780Collection ID179
TitleThree Days Over There
CollectionKen and June Paine
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurNon-fictionActuality/Factual
KeywordsBeaches Bicycles Cars Ferries First World War (1914-1918) Harbours Memorials Monuments Religious Buildings Ships
LocalBoulogne Brugge Desvres Ieper Sluis Le Touquet
NationalBelgium France
ProductionA Jaykay Production: Ken and June Paine
CameraKen Paine; June Paine
FormatColour Silent
Duration24 min. 24. sec.
Copyright & AccessCopyright restrictions apply, contact Screen Archive South East for details


A film detailing a trip over to France and Belgium. Various towns such as Brugge and Desvres are visited. There are several church interiors shown, as well as a WW1 museum with a preserved trench.


The car ferry “Panther” is shown arriving in Boulogne from Dover. The ship is painted in Townsend Thoresen's orange hull livery, having just been acquired from P&O Ferries when the latter company was merged with the European Ferries Group. "Panther" had a relatively small capacity and was quickly sold by Townsend Thoresen. The ferry is shown being docked and cars driving off.

A title reads: “Dunkirk Cemetery”. People walk round the cemetery, gardens, and look at the windows in the Memorial Chapel. Poppy wreaths are lying in the chapel. A postcard is used as the title for: “Le Touquet”. There is footage of the seafront and the beach. Adults and children ride bikes and tricycles along a path.

A glass pyramid-shaped building has a sign reading “Aqualand”. Children play in the water-park and a play area on the beach. There are high-rise buildings and hotels along the sea-front. A group of people are playing boules. A sign reads “Gendarmerie”. We see large houses and gardens. In a wooded area, children ride on ponies. There are close-ups of graves in a cemetery and a canal boat.

Several postcards are used as the title for “Desvres”. We see a church and decorative shop-fronts. Inside the church, there are stained glass windows and decorative titles on the walls. A woman looks at an altar, statues and flowers. Outside in the street, there is a mosaic sign on the wall. A shop is selling ceramics.

A postcard says "Brugge". There is footage of the architecture and people waiting to board a boat. There are views of the town from a boat-ride. People look in the window of a lace shop. Seating is being built in the square. A bride and groom climb into a car as horse-drawn carriages go past. Inside a church, there are close-ups of the altar. There is a street with banners hanging above the shops.

Postcard title: “Sluis”. There is footage of the canal and people using peddle boats. In the town, a shop is selling clogs and there is a windmill above the buildings. The camera pans to the top of a church tower before we see the interior. People look in the window of a sweet shop.

Postcard title: “Ieper”. We see a church, a large stone gate and a cemetery. A stone memorial is situated in a garden. Around it on the floor are signs depicting the name and direction of towns such as "Ypres" and "Menin". A sign reads: “Jupiler Hill 62. Sanctuary Wood Museum Tranchees 1914 - 1916 Frontline”. There is military paraphernalia in glass cases. People look into wooden viewing boxes. There is an original trench preserved from the first world war. A stone memorial arch stands in a street. There scenes of the town and people eating inside a restaurant. Title: “The End”.