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Title[Wales; Royal Yacht Britannia; Dymchurch Scenes; Lambeth Scenes]
CollectionJoan Irons
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurNon-fictionAlbum/Journal
ThemeLeisure Urban Life
KeywordsBeaches Royalty Sea Fishing Ships Urban Areas Religious Buildings Central Government
LocalDymchurch Lambeth London
RegionalKent Greater London
NationalEngland United Kingdom Wales
ProductionJoan Irons
CameraJoan Irons
FormatColour Silent
Duration4min. 8sec.
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This amateur silent film opens with a number of scenes of family and friends relaxing on a beach in North Wales. The middle and end of the film shows scenes around London, including the Royal Yacht Britannia and a couple sightseeing in the vicinity of Lambeth Palace.


The film opens with scenes of the family on a sandy beach in North Wales; a woman lies on a rug amongst the sand dunes. A group of boys play an informal game of football on the beach and a woman runs down the side of a dune towards the camera, followed by a young man.

The film cuts to scenes of the Royal Yacht Britannia [HMY Britannia] sailing on the River Thames; the silhouette of Tower Bridge can be seen in the background. [Britannia was taking taking Princess Margaret and her husband Anthony Armstrong Jones (Lord Snowdon) on honeymoon]. A Union Jack flies from the bow of the ship.

The film cuts away to shots of men sea fishing using rods on a shingle beach, before returning to London where a woman [Joan ?] in a yellow dress is seen standing next to the River Thames opposite the Palace of Westminster; she turns to look at the camera. This is followed by shots of Lambeth Palace and a man [Joan's fiancé/husband ?] walking across Lambeth Bridge, with Millbank behind him. The same woman is seen for a few frames at the end of the film, standing in a park.


[Wales; Royal Yacht Britannia; Dymchurch Scenes; Lambeth Scenes] (1960)