Title ID 715Collection ID136
Title[Community Centre walk]
KeywordsLandscape Rural Areas Youth
RegionalEast Sussex
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionRye Community Centre Association [?]
FormatStandard 8mm Colour Sound
Duration9min. 53sec.
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The Rye Community Centre organises a walk for young people. A group of teenagers set off from Rye on an organised walk to the coast and back. The teenagers are seen assembling at the half way point at East Hill, and again at the finishing point at Rye where they are joined by a vicar.


Music plays. A group of mainly young walkers, wearing name badges, assemble in a park. A man holds a clipboard and a police officer (?) is seen with the group. The young people set off in small groups. They cross the road in front of a double-decker bus and head along a footpath. Sign: "Public Footpath Camber Castle". Shots of the small groups on various stages of the walk, crossing fields, walking along tracks and a sea wall at Winchelsea (?). Sign: "Checkpoint East Hill (Turning Point) 12 miles". Shots of a group walking along a cliff top path and another walking next to a beach. The young people are seen arriving in small groups back at the start of the walk. They gather, some sitting on a low wall and are joined by a vicar.