Title ID 6844Collection ID887
Title[Goodwood motor racing on Easter Monday; youth club quiz; susan in London; Grandad in garden]
DateApril - May, 1963
CollectionMarchant Family
KeywordsCars Children Family Motor Vehicles Racing
LocalGoodwood Crawley [?] Plaistow [?]
RegionalWest Sussex Greater London
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionP. Marchant
CameraP. Marchant
FormatColour Silent
Duration4min. 49sec.
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A short amateur film featuring the activities of the Merchant family, including motor racing at Goodwood, a coach trip and a child in a pram with her granddad nearby.


The film includes a compilation of scenes connected with activities of the Marchant family. In the opening of the film there are numerous scenes of motor racing at Goodwood on Easter Monday 1963. Cars complete circuits of the racetrack, negotiating obstacles; large crowds sit in the stands.

The film cuts to scenes on board a coach. The coach arrives at what appears to be a school (in Crawley?) and the passengers disembark.

The final part of the film includes shots of a baby in a pram in a back garden. The baby's granddad is nearby sorting through various objects kept in a garden shed.


A Still from [Goodwood motor racing on Easter Monday] (1963)