Title ID 6148Collection ID714
Title[OMCC Outings to Dymchurch and the Firs]
Date1953 - 1954
CollectionNewman Family
ThemeFamily life Seaside
KeywordsBeaches Children Communities Domestic Gardens Family Leisure Time Activities Outings Railways Motor Vehicles Rural Areas Seaside Resorts Transport Swimming
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionFrancis Henry Newman
CameraFrancis Henry Newman; Alice Margaret Newman
FormatColour Silent
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This film shows the Otford Methodist Church's trip to Dymchurch in 1953, with scenes of the party enjoying the seaside. The second half of the film documents a Picnic at the Firs in 1954.


The film opens with a shot of members of the church group arriving in Dymchurch, and disembarking from the bus. Children file out of the bus and laugh and smile on seeing the camera. The film then cuts to the beach, with pans down to the sea where a group of young boys are playing in the sea. In the following frames other children dry off on the pebbles, as two young boys continue playing in the sea. In one of the following scenes the film-maker, Mr. Newman, sit on a deck chair with a young boy. Three girls play together by the shoreline, as the they carry the youngest girl towards the sea and hold her hand whilst she splashes in the waves. In the following scenes several of the children have sticks of candy floss and ice cream. Next, the party start out on a boat trip, with the beach in view in the background, and the captain of the boat at the tiller. At this point the film returns back to the beach, where more scenes of the group enjoying the beach follow. A group of boys get dressed and drink out of cups as they smile at the camera. In the following scene, is shot from an open air train; with fields rushing by, and a steam train coming into the station. A view of the platform follows, after which the children get a closer look at the steam train.

For a short while the film cuts back to the beach, where three girls wearing dresses pose for the camera. In the next scene the camera cuts to a black motor car full of children leaning out of the windows as it comes round the corner into view. The children of the party gather around the motor car, as they wave to the camera. Scenes of running races follow, with piggy back and wheelbarrow races.

In the next part of the film children sit eating their picnic with a view of the house in the background. A game of leap frog ensues, with all the children lined up for the game. A close-up of two boys' faces smiling into the camera follows, after which the camera returns back to the game of leapfrog. In the following scene, the camera pans across the flower beds, which are in bloom, suggesting that it is probably summertime. More games proceed, followed by the children sitting down to eat. The adults sit in deck chairs drinking tea and chatting. The film ends with scenes of the children playing, and a view of fields in the distance.


A Still from [OMCC Outings to Dymchurch and the Firs] (1953-1954)A Still from [OMCC Outings to Dymchurch and the Firs] (1953-1954)A Still from [OMCC Outings to Dymchurch and the Firs] (1953-1954)