Title ID 5130Collection ID700
Title[Churchill’s Funeral]
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurNon-fiction
ThemePublic Services Urban Life
KeywordsHouses Funerals Family Outings Buildings
LocalLondon Stepney Hamstead Heath
RegionalGreater London
NationalUnited Kingdom England
ProductionBrian Barram
CameraBrian Barram
FormatColour Silent
Duration04 min. 35 sec.
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A compilation of film showing the state funeral procession for Winston Churchill, followed by family scenes on Hampstead Heath, with views of the exterior of Kenwood House. The final part of the film shows a visit to Parfett Street in Stepney, East London and the Dockyard.


State funeral procession for Winston Churchill. On top of Buckingham Palace a Union flag is at half mast. People gathered in London streets outside a J.Lyons and Co tea room. A parade of armed forces' marching bands dressed in grey wool coats and bearskin hats passes the camera, followed by a series of sailors in full dress uniform lead the gun hearse and casket draped in a union flag as the procession pass the film maker. The gun hearse is followed by a stagecoach with a single passenger onboard [Mrs Churchill??] The film focusses on flags on top of the Palace of Westminster at half mast.

A park sign indicates: "London County Council East Heath" [Hampstead Heath] with views across the Heathland towards the Post Office Tower (GPO Tower) and London skyline. Two men walk through the park, as the film maker captures views of Kenwood House.

A view down Parfett Street in Stepney, East London includes a blue Policeman's Call box sits on the street. There is an exterior view of the Grand Palais, Stepney.

Two men pose for portraits at a dockyard. Port of London Authority boats line the dock wall. Industrial buildings and cranes are all around them.