Title ID 5030Collection ID694
TitleRoom 17
Date[ca. 1930s]
CollectionBognor Regis Film Society
Genre/TypeAmateurCine/Video clubFictionCrime/Detective
ThemeCine Club Film-making
KeywordsBuildings Interiors Performing Arts
LocalBognor Regis
RegionalWest Sussex
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionBognor Regis Film Society
CameraBarry Hart
DirectorH.S. Guermonprez; VI. Sinnott
WriterAdapted for the screen by BRFS from the story by Beryl Blythe.
LightingC. Start
CastRobin Ayres: Richard Ferguson; Barbara Morrison: Mrs Ferguson; John Ayres: Malcolm Rogers; Bernard Howard & Joan Howard: Mr & Mrs Crosby Williams; Anthony Barton & Gay Heale: Dr and Mrs Newlywed; F.D. Allison; Norma Bateman; Vera Bateman; Lena Cornish; D. Brooker; Daphne Heale; Dolly Newport; M. Morrison; Mary Parfrement; D.R. Ritchie; Dorothy Sharpe; Betty Woolcocks; Stanley Burgess and his Band.
Other creditsCosmetique: V. Bateman
FormatBlack & White Silent
Duration26min. 58sec.
Copyright & AccessCopyright restrictions apply, contact Screen Archive South East for details


This fictional film was produced by the Bognor Regis Film Society in the 1930s. Set in a fictional hotel near Goodwood, a thief persuades his wife to help him steal some pearls belonging to a wealthy guest. However, the plot goes wrong when his wife falls in love with another guest and refuses to take part in her husband’s plan.


Opening titles: “Bognor Regis Film Society Present”, “A Bognor Regis Production” [logo], “Room 17” & “Adapted for the Screen by the B.R.F.S. from the story by Beryl Blythe”, [opening credits accompanied by shots of leading actors posing in character]. In the opening scene people are seen sitting in a cafe. Richard Ferguson sits at a table reading a newspaper; close-up of article: “Social Gossip – The High Light of Goodwood Week at the new Hotel Splendide is to be the Reception and Ball given by Mr Crosby Williams the well known Rubber millionaire and his wife. I hear that Mrs Crosby Williams will wear her famous Necklace of Black pearls for the occasion”. He calls over his wife who is working as a waitress to show her the article – she looks concerned. He talks to her discretely “You must help me get that necklace –“. Richard Ferguson cuts an advert from the newspaper which reads: “Wanted Dancers and Crooner to form a Cabaret for the new Hotel Spendide Goodwood Week Apply box 452” and passes it to his wife. He tells her “You must get that job do anything – get it”, she replies “I won’t do it you promised to go straight when I married you”. He threatens her with a knife, saying “I think you will my dear – or else...”.

In the next scene the woman is seen practising songs for the cabaret. The choreographer points his finger and shouts at the dancers “Oh that’s terrible!! Come on lets have it again”. Still of the Hotel Spendide; in the kitchen Mr Crosby is seen putting on a waiters jacket and serves some tea to Malcolm Rogers who is painting a picture outside on a terrace. In a hotel bedroom the Mrs Ferguson is seen trying to remove a stain from a dress; shaking the dress outside the window, she accidentally drops it on Malcolm Rogers below; title: “Room 17”. He returns the dress to her outside her room; she asks him “I hope I did not spoil your painting...”he replies “No that is quite all right”. Mr Ferguson sees the pair chatting and shakes his fist angrily; Mrs Ferguson returns to her room. In the next scene, Mr Ferguson returns to the staff dining area; a group of staff are eating around a table, one of them asks him “Has Goldbags arrived yet?” he replies “Not yet”. Another member of staff asks “I wonder what Tips we shall get”. Images of bank notes are overlaid on the screen in the position of their heads, an image of the black pearls appears over Mr Fergusons head. The doctor and his new wife arrive at the hotel and check in; two porters struggle over their cases, the contents of which spills out on the floor. Mr and Mrs Crosby Williams also arrive and sign in, pushing the doctor and his wife out of the way. The doctor asks the receptionist “Who are they?” she replies “Crosby Williams the Rubber Millionaire and his wife”. Mr and Mrs Crosby are shown to their room, the porter looks expectantly for a tip, Mr Crosby hands him a penny, the porter looks disappointed.

In the next scene Malcolm Rogers is painting, an image of Mrs Ferguson appears on the canvas. Appearing frustrated, he throws down his paintbrushes and returns inside. He sees Mr Ferguson peering through a keyhole into a bedroom where Mrs Crosby Williams is putting on the black pearls. He follows Mr Ferguson upstairs where he watches him enter room 17. Spotting Mrs Ferguson, Malcolm Rogers looks forlorn and returns downstairs. Mr Ferguson tells his wife “She is wearing the Pearls again to-night – I mean to dope their drinks – and when all is quiet you will get them for me...”, looking worried, she replies “No No I can’t”.

In the next scene Mrs Ferguson is seen on stage with a band performing a song. The doctor and his wife and Mrs and Mrs Crosby Williams sit at tables listening to the music. Mrs Ferguson looks concerned when she spots her husband spiking a drink. Malcolm Rogers, who is also sitting at a table, notices that something sinister is going on. The drinks are served to Mr and Mrs Crosby Williams who drink them straight away.

In the next scene, Malcolm Rogers is seen in his bedroom, he paces around looking anguished. In room 17, Mr Ferguson threatens his wife “You will – and now”, she replies “Don’t make me get them...”. Threatening her with a knife, he replies “You will – and now”. Mrs Ferguson creeps out of the room and down the stairs to the room of Mr and Mrs Crosby Williams. Malcolm Rogers spots her entering their room; Mr and Mrs Crosby Williams are seen asleep in bed. She finds the black pearls, as she holds them an image of Malcolm Rogers appears and she drops them. She leaves the room and returns upstairs, being followed by Malcolm Rogers. On returning to the room she tells her husband “I did not get the pearls I won’t be a thief...”, he hits her and she falls to the floor. Malcolm Rogers stands at the door to the room and listens; he enters and wrestles with Mr Ferguson who is holding a knife. A fight ensues and Mr Ferguson stabs Malcolm Rogers in the back. Mrs Ferguson says “You have killed him!” A crowd of people rush up to the room to see Mr Ferguson climbing out of the window onto a ledge. The people attend to Malcolm Roger’s wound; he doesn’t look seriously injured. Mr Ferguson is seen falling from the ledge.

In the last scene, Mrs Ferguson is seen talking happily to Malcolm Rogers as he paints; a small dog sits nearby. Title: “The End”.