Title ID 4771Collection ID269
Title[Victorian Story at Dover Docks]
Date[ca. 1980s]
CollectionKent Educational Television Centre
KeywordsCars Docks Harbours Hovercraft Motor Vehicles Railway Steamers Religious Buildings
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionKent Educational Television
FormatColour Silent
Duration8 min. 27 sec.
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A film beginning with a man dressed as a Victorian doctor (?). It then cuts to footage of the operations at Dover Docks, including the hovercraft.


The film opens with a man dressed in Victorian clothing walking through a church graveyard. We see him enter and exit two houses and there is footage of the exteriors. The film then cuts to Dover Docks, including good footage of British Rail Seaspeed hovercraft, the loading and unloading operations at Dover Hoverport, and Dover harbour traffic movements in general. We see vehicles going through the passports and customs building while buses collect passengers that have just got off the hovercraft. The film ends with footage of sheep grazing in a field.