Title ID 4467Collection ID544
TitleTennis at Manor House; Home Guard Parades
Date1940; 1944 [?]
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurNon-fictionAlbum/Journal
ThemeWartime And Military
KeywordsArmed Forces Sport
LocalNewlands Stanmore
NationalEngland United Kingdom
FormatColour Silent
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The film shows a tennis match and the garden party that follows. The film then turns to a parade of men from the Home Guard, some carrying walking sticks under their arms as they march, then standing to attention on a field or village green.


The film shows the end of a match of mixed doubles tennis with an umpire and a party assembled to watch. The onlookers and players gather outside after the match with the camera panning across the party, some are prompted to look up at the sky; some smile or laugh while others shy away from the camera.

The next section shows a large number of men in Home Guard uniforms marching along a road. On a field or village green, the men are seen parading; many of them are carrying walking sticks under their arms as part of their display, though some do have rifles. A small group of officers appear to be there to inspect the men. A group of uniformed men stand by motorcycles in a row behind the large group of men from the Home Guard, standing to attention. A marching uniformed brass band is followed by a final parade of the Home Guard, still marching with the walking sticks under their arms.


A still from 'Tennis at Manor House; Home Guard Parades' (1940; 1944?)