Title ID 4046Collection ID132
TitleThe River Arun
CollectionReg Charman
KeywordsBeaches Boats Bridges Camping Castles Children Docks Family Harbours Landscape Old Age Rivers Rural Areas Storms Summer Swimming
LocalAmberley Bury Greatham Arundel Littlehamton Seaford
RegionalWest Sussex East Sussex
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionReginald C. Charman
NarratorReginald C. Charman
FormatStandard 8mm Colour Sound
Duration22min. 48sec.
Copyright & AccessCopyright restrictions apply, contact Screen Archive South East for details


An amateur film with commentary featuring people and places on the River Arun in West Sussex. The film-maker, based at a campsite at Houghton Bridge, records trips on his boat with family and friends on the river between Greatham and Littlehampton. The film also includes scenes of a summer storm at Seaford, East Sussex.


"River Scenes on The River Arun at Houghton Bridge"

The film opens with views of the river from Amberley Mount. At the campsite, an Austin car arrives and a man is seen casting-off a skiff from the river bank, a group of people are onboard the small boat; ducklings swim at the waters edge. Scenes of adults and children taking part in races is preceded by the title: "Sports Day for Children". The campsite is seen from the river, with boats moored alongside on the river bank. On the campsite, a small girl plays with a standpipe; water gushes from the tap. The film-makers elderly mother climbs aboard a boat belonging to him. The boat cruises along the river, passing Bury Wharf; the ferryman who is sitting on the river bank with a a group of people, waves at the passing boat. The boat moors at Ham Corner, where the man is seen jumping in the river for a swim. Elsewhere on the river, another boat is launched with the help of a small group of people.

Scouts taking part in a canoe race are seen rowing along the river and a third boat is launched. The group sit down to a picnic on the river bank, more people have now joined the group. The film-makers mother pours a cup of tea whilst they are moored at Greatham Bridge. Back at the campsite, swans and their signets walk around on the grass, a man jumps in the river for a swim and the film-makers family are seen climbing down a ladder to board a boat moored below. Once on the boat, they sit down and wave at the camera. Two other families are seen aboard their boats on the river. The three boats pass campers and the group are seen picnicking on a different day. The church at South Stoke is viewed from the river as is the Black Rabbit Inn. The river becomes more crowded with boats and pleasure craft as the group approaches Arundel, the castle and bridge are seen from the boat. At Littlehampton, a speedboat enters the harbour from the sea. As the boat leaves the shelter of the harbour and sails out to sea it bobs up and down, making the shots very shaky. Littlehampton beach can be seen, as can the other boats and the the film-makers family sitting on the boat. Now inland, at Swanbourne lake, a large bunch of ducks enjoy being fed by people nearby. Back at Houghton Bridge, a group of people help to haul a boat out of the water ready for the winter and at Littlehampton the film-makers boat is seen being lifted out of the river into a boat yard attached to a crane. The boat is then seen being lifted back up and put back into the river.

The film ends with scenes of an August storm at Seaford; waves crash over the promenade as people stand nearby and watch. Title: "The End" - with a swirling pattern.