Title ID 3041Collection ID474
Title[Wiston House weekend; Lodge Hill weekend; Westhampnett outing]
Date7 - 9 February 1958; 29 - 31 May 1959
KeywordsBuildings Cars Landscape Motor Vehicles Outings Passenger Vehicles Religious Activities Religious Buildings Youth
LocalSteyning Watersfield Goodwood Westhampnett
RegionalWest Sussex
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionJ. A. Harris
FormatStandard 8mm Mixed Colour and Black & White Silent
Duration12min. 45sec.
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This amateur film features two youth events connected to churches in Worthing, West Sussex. The first part of the film is shot in black and white and shows the Wiston House weekend house party; the second part, shot in colour, shows the Lodge Hill youth weekend. The young people are seen taking part in a variety of activities at both locations and on a day trip to Goodwood.


The film opens with black and white grainy shots of Wiston House and surrounding parkland. A group of young people are seen walking along a road; a bus is at a bus stop in the distance. The film cuts to scenes of young people sitting in a large room singing; a young man plays the piano and turns to to face the camera and smiles. Close-ups of smiling faces; the group sits down to a meal, church Ministers can be seen amongst the crowd. Outside the house, young people stand smiling and chatting to each other, before setting off for a treasure hunt (?). Shots of the young people holding random objects up to the camera. The group is seen filing out of Wiston Parish Church; the Minister and his wife (?) points and smiles directly at the camera. Shots of the church and tower.

Colour shots of young people walking out Lodge Hill manor house. Children hold a goat fastened to a lead. Dark shots of the countryside and the manor house. Shots of churches and chapels in Worthing, including The Worthing Tabernacle and Christ Church; a man and a boy stand in the doorway of the church, they are joined by more boys. A church Minister and young people stand around outside Lodge Hill; a boy arrives on a scooter. Shots of collecting firewood and building a fire; a young boy wears a scary mask. The young people walk and talk in the grounds, some ride in an car along the driveway. Shots of group members in the car park; they assemble next to the Minister for photographs. Bus: "Southdown". Shots of the group getting off the bus at Goodwood Race Course, shots of the course in the distance. The young people stand around and talk. Shots of a moving car (filmed from the back of the bus?) and shots of a church. The film ends with a brief shot of sausages being cooked over a fire.