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Title[Holiday in California]
DateApril 1953
CollectionH A Voss
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurNon-fictionFamily Life
ThemeTravel Leisure
KeywordsAnimals Bridges Holidays Landscape Leisure Time Activities Nature Reserves Parks Plants Shops Tourism Urban Areas
LocalSan Francisco Yosemite
NationalUnited States North and Central America
ProductionH A Voss
CameraH A Voss
ParticipantsPhil Brown & Mrs. Brown (friends)
FormatColour Silent
Duration14 min. 39 sec.
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On a trip to the North American state of California, Voss takes in the sights of the city of San Francisco, including the Golden Gate Bridge and The Park, before a visit to the National Park at Yosemite Valley.


This film opens in San Francisco with a shot of the Dewey Monument in Union Square before a shot down nearby Stockton Street, followed by images of City Hall and other historic buildings, and passing cable cars. At Market Street, department stores Hale's and Grayson's can be seen in the background, where the San Francisco Shopping Centre now stands, as a streetcar uses the 'turnaround' on the corner of Market and Powell Street. More street scenes follow before Voss's friends Phil Brown and his wife show him around the Golden Gate Park. Scenes are filmed around the park and inside the Conservatory of Flowers, and also take in the lake and animals who live in the park, including goats and bison.

The next shots are of the beach and the Golden Gate Bridge, which is filmed from afar and as it is crossed by car.

Voss then visits the National Park at Yosemite Valley (Sierra Nevada Mountains), beginning at the Lodge and taking in waterfalls, mountains and streams. Voss's family pose for the camera before more footage of the landscape where, in the forests, he also films a bear investigating the cars and climbing a tree, and deer being fed by the children. The film ends with a drive through the forest to visit the ancient giant Sequoia trees.


A still from 'Holiday in California' (1953)