Title ID 1054Collection ID18
Title[The Bowater Light Railway]
CollectionMantle Family
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurNon-fictionActuality/Factual
KeywordsDocks Railways Steam Locomotives
LocalRidham Dock Kemsley Down Sittingbourne
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionDick Allen
FormatSuper 8mm Colour Sound
Duration4min. 20sec.
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This short amateur film shows the last journey made on the Bowater Light Railway. As well as people riding the line, the film includes shots of Ridham Docks, various steam locomotives and a brief glimpse of the paper mill at Kemsley Down. The film also briefly captures a large crowd of people taking part in a ceremony to mark the occasion.


"The House of Jan and Pete" & "A Railway".

The film opens with grainy shots of Ridham; Docks; men stand on the dockside; close-up of a large container ship with cranes in the background. A tug maneuvers the Elizabeth Bowater ship into dock; men secure the ropes to bollards on the dockside. [Accompanied by a music soundtrack] [Break] Brief shot of a train with open-sided wagons loaded with containers; shot of railway workers (?) drinking tea. Shot of railway locomotive: "Conqueror" followed by various shots of locomotives on the railway; close-up of plaque on front of an engine: "Bowaters Light Railway 1906-1969". Some engines are decorated with bunting. Close-up of a small group of smartly dressed people walking along the tracks; the group are then seen standing in open-sided wagons which move off. Shots from inside a cab; the driver steps into the cab; a man operates the points; shots are taken from the moving train. Shots of engines, including: "Triumph" and "Pioneer". The train reaches the paper mill at Kemsley Down, which can be seen in the edge of the shot. Passengers disembark and watch as an engine is coupled to some carriages. [This section of the film is accompanied by the sound of a steam engine].The film ends with a large crowd gathered listening to a speech and applauding.